tisdag 25 februari 2014

Adermark Media + Phorecast = Swecial!

Adermark Media and Phorecast is Swecial Game Studio. Together we have been working on a very exciting game project resulting in the new casual puzzle game: Juicy Clouds.

Now publicly available at Google Play and submitted for review att Apple's App Store.

torsdag 12 september 2013

Alpine Lake

It's been a while, and I have been busy with customer projects. But this week I finally got the time to do some wallpaper work again. I released two. First the autumn leaves, and then I made a similar to Mountain Lake, since that one has been really popular. It's called "Alpine Lake Live Wallpaper". It's really based on the same code base as mountain lake, but with new graphics for flowers, grass, and mountains.

I also improved the gps reading part, so it now uses Google Play Services instead. It's much faster now and works when you're not getting GPS satellite connections as well. You do need to have the google play services updated on your phone though. And of course, the location settings (GPS and Wireless) should be on.

Free version:

Full version:

måndag 9 september 2013

Autumn Leaves

Falling leaves as your android wallpaper... With lots of settings, from shapes to colors to physics. You can even make the leaves float upwards if you like! :) 
Free and Full version available on Google Play now.
Autumn Leaves Free:
Autumn Leaves Live Wallpapser (premium version):

onsdag 19 september 2012

Binary Tree - Come On...

I recently published a new Live Wallpaper called "Binary Tree". It is not based on any of my "Nature" projects published before, and is quite different. As was "Magnitic Balls", another one that I published in the beginning of the summer. The latter soon became quite popular (> 93 000 downloads since Jun 19).

I'm quite pleased with this new "Binary Tree" lwp. It has loads of settings and you can make the tree look and behave extremely different.

In the basic setup, it's a tree with branches in different lengths, and all branches end in a 1 or 0. Branches sway slowly, so the tree never is static. And branches go in all directions, including Z, making it very much 3d. When you swipe to change home screens, the tree turns around its own Y axis. That means that it is spinning.

Branches have a life time, and after a while the fade away, giving room for a new branch to get born. The new branch is "drawn" by a glowing cursor, and as it gets fully grown the cursor explodes in a flash of light leaving a 0 or 1 when it fades out.

However, my users don't seem to recognize it at all. Downloads are very modest. You should really try it out. Much work and thinking behind this one! Make use of your 15 minutes of refund time and try all the settings in order to make it look just the way you like it, at this time. And change it later on. I think it's very cool, and trust that you will too! :)

Full version

Free version

Autumn Lake

While I was at it... I made another autumn live wallpaper, this time based on my "Reflections" project instead of the previous that was based on my "Flowers" project. Previous reflections wallpapers are "Mountain Lake", "Forest Lake" and a couple of more.

I made few additions to this one (except the pictures of course), but I added the option to completely remove the foreground (flowers and grass), leaving more screen space for the water reflections. And I also added the option to select between two different backgrounds.

The colorful autumn forests look very good reflecting in the water as the sky and clouds shift in different colors during the day.

Full version:

Free version:

måndag 17 september 2012

Autumn Trees

The circle is closed. Winter, Spring, Summer... and now Autumn Trees. One tree live wallpaper for each season. This one is quite similar to summer trees, of course with different trees, colors and background. And with the addition of being able to select different types of falling objects (leaves in different colors or the spinning seeds from summer trees).

As always, two versions. One free with most settings locked. And one full with tons of settings, priced the lowest allowed by Google - $0.99 (+ VAT if you're in Europe). Both are, of course, ad free.

Recognize the tree? Yes it's the same as the "Summer Trees" maple. It worked well just changing the color in Photoshop. The oak is there as well, with modified leaf colors. I did add some "real" autumn trees to select from as well though; one yellow maple, one maple that shifts from green to orange and one rowan tree with red berries. All in all five trees to choose from.
Hope you like it!

Full version:

Free version:

onsdag 25 juli 2012

Sea of Poppies

I have been busy with a customer project for the last month, hence no new releases.

Today, however, I thought I had some time to do other stuff, so I started with a new poppy wallpaper. I already have one out, but it's focused on more close-ups of the flowers. I wanted one where you see them from a distance and get the feeling of a red sea of poppies.

I found this gorgeous cc image by Geomangio a while ago and have wanted to do something with it since then:


So I isolated the background and then used some of my previous objects to compile this new "Sea of Poppies Live Wallpaper". Hope you like it!

Find it here:
Sea of Poppies (Full Version)
Sea of Poppies (Free Version)